Client Testimonials

"Andrew Kohlmetz listened carefully and thoroughly answered my questions"

Andrew Kohlmetz saved me from spending time in jail and having an ugly charge on my record. He was able to reach a fair and reasonable settlement of my case thanks to his intelligence, skills, experience, and deep knowledge of the local criminal justice system. He countered the prosecution's intransigence with a clever and forceful legal stance and ultimately prevailed.

In every meeting with me, Andrew Kohlmetz listened carefully and thoroughly answered my questions, explaining clearly my legal options and the likely consequences of each. I hired him after my previous attorney had been unable to make any progress toward a reasonable settlement in seven months. In the first half an hour on my case, Andrew Kohlmetz gave me more useful and specific information, advice, and legal references than my previous attorney had given me during the entire seven months that I had him on retainer.

I highly recommend Andrew Kohlmetz to anyone who is charged with a crime in the Portland area, whether guilty or not.

"Get it done!"

Mr. Kohlmetz is a true professional. Very on top of situations and great with follow up and advice.
I would highly recommend him for any case!

"A competent, respectful and dependable criminal defense attorney"

Andrew Kohlmetz has been a great attorney for my defense. He has treated me with respect and dignity. When I was arrested, he contacted my family, was immediately available and proactive in securing my release and defending my rights. He has a depth of experience and knowledge in criminal defense that has been a benefit to me. He worked hard for me the last year and he has looked out for my best interest. He is calm, collect, punctual and dependable attorney that I recommend.