Protection Against Sexual Domestic Violence Charges

Sexual domestic violence is a severe offense, and as such, it is taken extremely seriously by authorities and Oregon's criminal justice system. Unfortunately, sexual domestic violence allegations are sometimes used as leverage during divorce or custody proceedings. If you are facing charges of sexual domestic violence against a spouse, child or other family or household member, you need an aggressive and experienced attorney to assist you in determining the facts and making your case.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., we understand the gravity of our clients' situation, and that a domestic charge concerning a sexual offense can prove devastating on many levels. Our lawyers' primary goal is to see that the charges are reduced, or in a best case scenario, dropped entirely.

Potential Long-Term Effects

Oregon's domestic violence laws are harsh and often unforgiving, and the consequences of a sexual domestic violence conviction frequently extend far beyond fines or jail time. People or other members of their family may be removed from the home following a conviction. Additionally, they will likely find it difficult to obtain gainful employment with this type of offense on their record. Our attorneys understand the many nuances of Oregon's sexual domestic violence laws and work tirelessly to see that such charges affect our clients' lives to the least extent possible.

An Ally In Your Corner

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