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People accused of child pornography charges run the risk of facing the most serious of consequences if convicted, not the least of which is carrying the stigma of this sex offense around for life. Conviction of possession of even just a few images on a computer can result in prison sentences exceeding 15 years. Even after fines are paid and prison time is served, living a normal life is not going to be possible. If you are under investigation or under arrest for a federal child pornography crime, it is critical that you enlist a law firm that is willing to fight to help you protect your future against the repercussions of these serious charges.

The lawyers at Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., represent individuals charged with child pornography related crimes in both state and federal court. These cases often arise as a result of law enforcement monitoring various peer-to-peer file sharing networks. When a particular IP address is identified as having downloaded or uploaded suspected child pornography, law enforcement will usually identify the physical address and  ISP's subscriber information and then simply go knock on the individual's door. More often than not the person contacted speaks to the police without an attorney being present and confesses to having viewed or downloaded the material.

The technology component of these cases makes them extremely complicated. In fact, these cases can be more complicated than murder cases. It is often necessary to bring in forensic technology experts to independently evaluate the computer and other electronic evidence involved, making certain we have all of the facts at our disposal and finding any inaccuracies in the case against our client.

Tough and Aggressive Representation Is a Necessity

Since the explosion of fast computer networking and file transfer technologies, we have successfully defended against all types of federal child pornography charges, including:

Prison Is Not the Only Form of Lockup

Under provisions of the Adam Walsh Act, the Federal Bureau of Prisons is authorized to evaluate people who are convicted of child pornography and similar offenses. If the evaluation leads to a person being labeled a sexually dangerous offender, the Federal Bureau of Prisons is authorized to civilly commit the person to a "hospital." In reality, these hospitals are not much different than prisons, and a person labeled a dangerous offender could be locked up in one for life.

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