Distribution of Child Pornography in Oregon

Production of Child Pornography Defense Attorneys

People facing federal charges of distribution or production of child pornography can be certain that the prosecutors will work hard to see that the charges result in a conviction. They can be certain that, if they do not enlist an attorney who is willing to fight to protect their rights, they will likely face the serious and life-changing consequences that come along with a conviction.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., we have decades of experience. Our attorneys know exactly how strong federal prosecutors and their cases are. We take a tough and aggressive approach to these cases, using our experience to take on all challenges as we fight to protect our client's rights.

Child Pornography Distribution

These federal charges often come after an electronic investigation has been conducted. In many cases, this evidence was obtained as part of an undercover operation. The accused allegedly forwarded files via any one of a variety of file sharing programs or e-mail to an undercover agent. Government agents pose as child porn distributors on the Internet in an effort to make cases. Evidence obtained by the government in such cases needs to be examined closely by tech experts. We will make certain it is. Our experience has shown us that, even when challenges seem insurmountable, there are options that we can pursue.

Child Pornography Production

This crime, even more so than possession or distribution of child pornography, is often considered among the most heinous. Accused murderers rarely face the stigma that comes with being accused of making child pornography; a stigma that is hard to shake even if we are successful fighting the conviction. These are complex cases, but we have the experience to stand up for the accused and fight these serious charges.

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