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Defending against federal drug charges is no simple task. These charges are often brought as conspiracy cases involving many defendants and witnesses. The federal government will often rely on phone or wire taps, multiple search warrants, electronic and physical surveillance, and informants in bringing such charges.

Serious potential prison sentences are driven primarily by federal drug quantity tables, which dictate the potential punishment based on the quantity of drugs involved. Of course, the type of drug also plays a major role. Even the relative purity of the drug can impact how the case is handled. With so many variables at play, it is critical that people facing federal drug charges enlist an experienced criminal defense lawyer. In April, 2014  the U.S. Sentencing Commission voted to reduce the drug quantity sentencing guidelines ranges of many federal drug offenses. In November, 2014 the Commission voted to make these changes retroactive. Up to 40,000 people currently in prison may be eligible to have their sentences reduced under these amendments. If you have been charged with or even convicted of a federal drug crime, our law firm can help.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our four attorneys have more than 70 years' combined total experience in criminal defense. Our managing shareholder, Andrew M. Kohlmetz, has focused his practice on federal criminal defense since 2005. We are experienced in successfully navigating the federal court system in which these drug cases are handled.

Having a lawyer on your side, even a lawyer as experienced as any of ours, is often only the first step in a successful federal defense. When necessary, we will bring in private investigators, not to mention forensic scientists and other experts, to assist with your case. We track down and interview witnesses, perform background checks, independently examine any physical evidence possessed by the government, and test any drugs to determine the relative purity and amount of the drug involved, which can make a big difference in how the case is handled.

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We have successfully defended against federal drug offenses such as:

Representation for First-Time Offenders and Repeat Offenders

Our experience has taught us that defending a first-time offender is significantly different than defending a repeat offender. First time offenders may be eligible for certain forms of relief from otherwise applicable mandatory minimum sentences such as the federal "safety valve." Repeat offenders, particulary those who are accused of a drug offense and have two prior offenses on their record, run the risk of being charged as a career offender. This means a greatly enhanced sentence if convicted, making it all the more important to turn to an experienced attorney, such as the ones you will find at our law firm.

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