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Nowhere is the imbalance in federal sentencing guidelines based on drug type more clear than in crack cocaine and powder cocaine cases. A person caught with a certain amount of crack will face a significantly higher penalty if convicted than a person caught with the same amount of powder cocaine.

In August of 2010, President Obama signed into law The Fair Sentencing Act of 2010. Before this law went into effect there was a 100:1 ratio between crack cocaine and powder cocaine penalties. In other words, 1 gram of crack was treated the same for sentencing purposes as 100 grams of powder cocaine. The new law reduces this ratio to 18:1. However the new law applies only to those whose charges arose after August 3, 2010. Cases currently in the system or those recently sentenced under the higher ratio received no benefit from this change.

Mandatory minimums were also addressed by The Fair Sentencing Act. Under the old law, possession of 5 grams of crack would trigger a 5 year mandatory minimum prison sentence, and 10 grams a 10 year minimum. Under the new law, possession of 28 grams of crack will trigger the 5 year minimum and 280 grams will trigger the 10 year minimum. Other important changes are included in the law, but significant differences between crack and powder cocaine cases remain. Also, in 2014 the U.S. Sentencing Commission voted to reduce the drug quantity sentencing guidelines for most federal drug crimes. These changes do apply retroactively and may affect up to 40,000 people currently in prison on federal drug charges. The lawyers at Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C. keep on top of the most recent developments in this rapidly changing area and use this knowledge to our clients' benefit.

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