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As far as federal drug charges go, drug distribution and drug manufacture or cultivation are among the most serious. In serious federal drug cases, federal law dictates that people facing such charges are to be held in custody pending their trial. If convicted, a person is likely to face a lengthy prison sentence. Securing a favorable pre-trial release for our client's while we take the necessary steps to defend the case is critical to the well-being of our clients and their families. That is our first priority.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable at navigating the federal court system. We are dedicated to providing successful representation in distribution and manufacture cases involving:

Drug Distribution

Federal drug distribution charges often come after a lengthy investigation has been conducted. Typically these cases involve the investigation of a large number of persons over a period of months, if not years. Many people can be swept up in these investigations, from the leader of a large narcotics distribution ring to an innocent acquaintance of a suspected user. All might be charged in the same conspiracy. These investigations commonly rely on phone or wiretaps to capture the accused's phone or other electronic communications, search warrants and seizures and informants.

It is not unusual for these charges to come after an undercover investigation in which the accused allegedly sold drugs to a paid informant, cooperating witness or federal agent. On the surface, this evidence may seem solid and overwhelming, but that does not mean there are no options for defense. Our experience has taught us that every case needs to be examined thoroughly and all avenues of defense explored to find options in even the most challenging cases, using them to pursue the best possible outcome.

Drug Manufacture

Like other federal drug charges, the penalties for manufacturing depend on the drug involved and the amount of that drug that has been produced. When it comes to federal manufacturing charges, it is almost always a large amount. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing those accused of running or working at suspected methamphetamine labs, indoor and outdoor marijuana growing operations, and other drug production facilities.

We are also experienced in medical marijuana cultivation cases. In these cases, there may be a legal basis for growth based on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA). However, while the state has legalized the use, cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana, federal laws have lagged behind. While the federal government has taken an informal hands-off approach to prosecuting people legitimately involved with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, the federal prosecution of large scale marijuan grows and soo called "co-ops" continues. Our experience defending federal marijuana cases tell us there is a presumption of illegitimacy that attaches to the now common large cooperative grows operating under the OMMA. Compliance with the OMMA is not a defense in federal court. Nor can one raise medical necessity or choice of evils as a defense in federal court. Furthermore, whatever informal "protections" have been granted in the context of state-sanctioned medicinal use, no such protections exist for those involved in Oregon's now sate sanctioned recreational marijuana program.Tension between state and federal laws can lead to complications for our clients in federal court. We can handle these complications.

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