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Possession and possession with intent to distribute are among the most common federal drug charges. These crimes are always serious, but when they are charged federally, they are even more so. People accused of these crimes run the risk not only of fines, but lengthy prison sentences if they are convicted. Even a first-time offense can have serious consequences.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our attorneys have decades of experience handling the following possession charges in federal court:

Drug Possession

This charge is fairly self-explanatory. People found to be in possession of drugs are charged with this crime. However, only the most serious drug possession charges rise to the federal court level. In many cases, these charges arise after a traffic stop. Other times these cases can arise after a warrantless search or seizure of the client. We examine the circumstances giving rise to each case closely to determine whether or not the government acted lawfully in bringing the charges against you.

The penalties associated with federal drug charges are driven by factors such as the type of drug involved, the amount of the drug involved and whether or not a firearm was involved. Whether or not a client has a prior conviction can also play a critical role. . We have the experience to defend against even the most serious federal possession charges.

Drug Possession With Intent to Distribute

There is a fine line between the charge of drug possession and the charge of possession with intent to distribute. People may be charged with intent to distribute drugs simply based on the quantity of drugs they are caught with. This charge may also follow a lengthy federal investigation, often involving phone or wiretap evidence, informants or other circumstantial evidence that will be used to prosecute the accused.

No matter how much evidence they have, no matter how challenging a case may seem, we are dedicated to using our experience and knowledge to find a way to improve the situation.

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