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Sentences in federal drug cases are dictated primarily by drug quantity. Federal drug quantity tables outline the potential punishment based on the number of doses or number of pills involved. This is a critical detail, particularly in cases involving pharmaceuticals such as OxyContin, because the number of pills can add up quickly and lead to a lengthy prison sentence upon conviction. A lawyer needs to know exactly how penalties are dictated in order to understand how to mitigate those penalties and fight for the best possible results.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our attorneys have decades of experience fighting federal drug charges involving heroin, ecstasy and pharmaceuticals. We defend against all charges involving these drugs, including:

Questions of Quantity and Relative Purity

Number of pills and number of doses are not the only concerns. While the relative purity of a drug may not be in question if the case involves possession of a prescription drug without a prescription, it may play a role in heroin and ecstasy cases. Even though federal prosecutors will test the purity of these drugs before moving forward, we will not simply accept their test results. When appropriate, we will have the drugs re-tested by an independent forensic lab to make certain no inaccurate test results taint our case.

Ecstasy is not the only designer drug that can lead to federal drug charges. We understand that there are new drugs being developed frequently. They may be lumped in with ecstasy, but in reality their chemical composition has not been quantified. Our depth of knowledge allows us to successfully defend against charges involving unique designer drugs.

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