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In federal drug cases, potential sentences are dictated primarily by drug quantity. The federal sentencing guidelines contain a drug quantity table. This table outlines the potential base punishment based on the quantity of drugs involved. When it comes to methamphetamine charges, possession or distribution of even small amounts can result in severe penalties if convicted. Furthermore, penalties can worsen if there are firearms or weapons involved. An attorney needs to approach these cases with a serious commitment to overcoming the obstacles involved in order to succeed.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our attorneys make that commitment to people accused of federal crimes. We have decades of experience and a depth of knowledge that has been the key to our success in federal meth offenses of all types, including:

Testing the Drug's Relative Purity

While the amount of meth plays a major role in sentencing, the purity of the drug cannot be overlooked. This is particularly critical in methamphetamine cases, in which the purity can vary dramatically. A person found in possession of pure meth is going to face much more serious penalties than a person found with extremely diluted meth. This is why testing is critical.

The federal prosecutors know this. They will do testing to determine the meth's purity. However, we will not simply accept their test results. There is too much on the line to allow any potential testing inaccuracies to slip through the cracks. When appropriate, we will have the meth re-tested by an independent forensic lab for chemical composition and purity. If the results we receive do not match what the prosecutors got, it can make a major difference in our case.

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