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Federal firearm and weapon charges come with the potential of lengthy prison sentences if convicted. Rarely are these cases simple matters of paying fines or being placed on probation. Instead, they could result in lengthy prison sentences. Depending on the severity of the crime and the client's past criminal history, a life sentence is a possibility. Even if a person is not charged with a firearms offense, possession of a weapon during the commission of another federal offense is a fact that the government might use to try to give a client a more severe sentence. If you are under investigation or under arrest for a federal gun crime, or any other crime where a firearm may have been involved, you can find the help you need at our law firm.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our four attorneys have more than 70 years combined criminal defense experience. Even our most recently added team member has been defending against criminal allegations for more than a decade. Just as important as the number of years we have practiced law is the fact that we have successfully navigated the federal court system throughout these years. This is the system these weapon cases are handled in.

When you turn to our law firm, you will get an experienced lawyer who is tough, aggressive and ready to defend you. Additionally, we will bring in private investigators and other experts as necessary to strengthen our chances of success.

Federal Firearm Charges Are Serious Matters

We have successfully defended against all types of federal gun and weapon charges. The most common of these charges are:

Avoid the Label of Armed Career Criminal or Career Offender

"Armed career criminal" or "Career Offender" are not charges themselves, but they are legal labels placed on people who have been convicted of prior offenses. The government is committed to cracking down on repeat offenders, particularly those who carry guns. If the client has a prior criminal history, careful legal and factual investigation needs to be conducted to determine if that label can be avoided. If a person is labeled an armed career criminal, that person could actually get a life sentence if convicted. That is how serious the government is about keeping repeat weapons offenders off the streets. The lawyers at Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C are familiar with the complex legal, factual and procedural issues involved in cases where clients face Armed Career Criminal or Career Offender labels. We strive always to avoid such labels and their severe consequences for our clients.

The depth of knowledge we have accumulated allows us to find options and opportunities in even the most bleak and challenging situations. We know how to defend people accused of gun crimes and labeled armed career criminals.

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