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Before the last real estate market crash, many opportunities arose for people to make money. Some of those opportunities were legal and legitimate. Some were not. When the housing bubble burst, many people found themselves accused of bank and mortgage fraud. People involved at every level, from mortgage brokers down to general contractors and homeowners,were on the receiving end of serious federal charges. Portland's real estate market is hot again. Interest rates are low and banks are increasingly relaxing lending restrictions. We may be seeing a new bubble emerging. If you have any concerns about potential mortgage fraud in our overheating market contact us immediately.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our four lawyers have more than 70 years combined total experience in criminal defense. Even the "newest" member of our team has been defending the accused for over 15 years. The federal court system may be complex, but navigating it successfully is not new to us. If you are under investigation or under arrest for fraud, you can find the defense representation you need at our law firm.

Bank and Wire Fraud

Bank and wire fraud can come in many forms. Primarily of late, it is associated with allegedly fraudulent loan and mortgage applications. It can be as simple as providing inaccurate financial information on a loan application to something much more complex. Any scheme or plan to defraud people if carried out in whole or in part through a federally insured financial institution or by and through electronic means will support a federal bank or wire fraud case. When a case is handled in federal court, it typically involves allegations of complex schemes resulting in a significant amount of money obtained through fraudulent means. We know how to handle the most complex of these cases.

Mortgage Fraud

On a federal level, these cases typically involve allegations of complex schemes to artificially inflate property values. These allegations may include transactions involving buyers who agreed to an overinflated appraisal on the condition that they receive a percentage of that overinflated appraisal back in cash upon sale of the property. Homes may have been bought, sold, and resold a number of times during the hot times in the real estate market. Unrealistic expectations of ever rising property values and equity growth fueled many poor decisions, not all of which were necessarily unlawful. Now, these cases are being prosecuted. Our depth of knowledge means we can defend appraisers, brokers, contractors and any other parties facing federal mortgage fraud charges.Sometimes even the small homeowner is prosecuted as well. Often this is a result of inaccurate information being provided in the loan paperwork.

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