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Advances in technology have made it easier to gather large amounts of information about others. It has become increasingly difficult to protect one's privacy, particularly online. Perhaps as a result, reports of identity theft are on the rise. In response, law enforcement agents and prosecutors are stepping up efforts to enforce laws surrounding identity theft. These crimes are being aggressively prosecuted in federal court.

Under federal law, the charge of "Aggravated Identity Theft" is often brought with other fraud-related charges. Why? Because the prosecution knows that Aggravated Identity Theft carries a two-year mandatory minimum sentence on top of any other charge if there is a conviction. If you have been accused of identity theft, you run the risk of life-changing penalties, whether you are alleged to be the leader of a fraud ring or are simply an individual caught up in a supposed identity theft conspiracy. In state court the charge of Aggravated Identity Theft can carry with it a presumptive 19 month penitentiary sentence. This is the case even for a first offender! Oregon law defines identity theft extremely broadly and includes simply possessing almost any identifying information of another person with the intent to deceive or defraud.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., you will find four lawyers who have more than 70 years combined total experience in criminal defense and are skilled at successfully navigating the federal and state court systems. Whether you have been arrested, or you are under investigation for identity theft, you can turn to our law firm for the tough and aggressive representation you need.

Identity Theft

While some allegations of identity theft may involve mail theft, these allegations often involve the use of computers, the Internet and other technologies to create fictitious identity documents which are then used to defraud individuals, businesses and banks. With knowledgeable forensic specialists on their side, police are often able to follow the paper trail of receipts, Internet connection histories and other evidence to the person they want to accuse. Our attorneys frequently bring in our own forensic specialists to examine evidence and spot inaccuracies in the evidence. These experts could have a major impact on the success of a case. This is particularly important in federal cases, because of the intricate nature of the alleged crimes and the high-dollar amounts involved.

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