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Helping Young People Caught in the Juvenile System

At the Portland law firm of Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., we are well equipped to handle juvenile criminal defense matters. One of our lawyers, Thomas Joseph Hanrahan, was formerly a staff attorney with the Juvenile Rights Project (now called Youth, Rights & Justice, Attorneys at Law), an organization dedicated to helping vulnerable children through legal advocacy. He now handles juvenile matters for our law firm, helping young people facing criminal charges.

Juveniles can face criminal charges in adult circuit court. A child as young as 15 who is charged with a "Measure 11" crime will be tried as an adult. Simple assaults, and even unarmed robberies, can result in "Measure 11" charges. If convicted of a "Measure 11" crime a juvenile can receive a very long prison sentence.

Juveniles charged with crimes in juvenile court also face significant consequences. While lengthy incarceration is rare in the juvenile system, the juvenile court can impose jail sentences, remove a child from his or her home, place that child in the legal custody of the state and place a juvenile on a lengthy, tightly supervised probation.

Whether convicted as an adult or treated as a juvenile, a young person in the criminal justice system faces many risks beyond incarceration or probation. Criminal charges can pose risks to a juvenile's future, including a loss of college funding (certain criminal convictions-some drug charges-- can disqualify a person from receiving student loans) or reduced career options. Our job is to reduce or eliminate as many of these risks as possible.

To minimize these risks we diligently review the state's evidence to ensure that the police acted in compliance with the law. We also investigate both the allegations and all mitigating facts. When appropriate we can push for alternatives to prosecution available in the juvenile system. Additionally, we look for solutions not address not only the legal problem, but also the underlying issues to get our client back on track.

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