Measure 11 Crimes

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Measure 11 has been a part of Oregon's criminal justice system since 1994. A “Measure 11 crime” is a crime that comes with a mandatory minimum sentence if the defendant is convicted.

In Oregon, “Measure 11 crime” has become another way of saying, “Serious trouble.” The mandatory minimum sentences imposed by Measure 11 are severe. Such Sentences range from a low of 70 months imprisonment to 25 years to life. Most importantly if you are convicted of a Measure 11 offense you will be ineligible to receive any reduction in your sentence for good behavior - normally a prisoner may earn 20% off a sentence for good behavior. Nor will you be allowed to participate in one of two intensive programs that could otherwise reduce your sentence by as much as 3 years. Under Measure 11 you do every day of the sentence ordered.

Merely being charged with a Measure 11 crime is enough to ruin your life. Oregon law makes it extremely difficult for persons accused of Measure 11 offenses to be released before their trial. Bail in such cases is often set at a minimum of $250,000. Even for first time offenders. Children as young as 15 can be charged as adults under Measure 11.

If you have been charged with a Measure 11 crime, it is critically important to get quick intervention by a criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience defending clients against Measure 11 crimes. There are limited exceptions to the mandatory minimum sentences and the attorneys at Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan know how to help their clients navigate them.

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We know serious crime, too. Over the years, our lawyers have managed the defense of dozens of murder trials. In defending Measure 11 cases, we fight the prosecution every step of the way – protecting our client's constitutional rights and pointing out every hole in the prosecution's case.

We also work directly and often with our clients and their families, providing an unparalleled level of personal service. We understand that strategic decisions about whether or not to accept a plea bargain or go to trial may have a devastating effect on a family – and we make sure our clients and their loved ones understand every step we take and every decision we make as we mount a defense.

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