Criminal Sentencing in Oregon

Knowledgeable in Oregon Criminal Sentencing Guidelines

Since Measure 11 was enacted into law in 1994, Oregon has seen an increasing set of criminal laws that has been removed from the normal rules under the " Oregon Sentencing Guidelines." These laws, many of which either provide for mandatory minimum sentences upon conviction or severely restrict the court's ability to hand down a lesser sentence, have been implemented in a piecemeal and patchwork fashion that has made navigating Oregon's complicated sentencing laws very difficult — even for a lawyer. Mandatory minimum sentences can be triggered now in Oregon under a variety of Oregon offenses and not just violent offenses.

If you are facing criminal charges in Oregon, make sure your attorney is abreast of recent changes in the Oregon sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimum sentencing statutes. The experience of your attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of our case. Contact the seasoned criminal defense lawyers at Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C. , for a free initial consultation.

Oregon mandatory minimum sentences apply to many non-violent drug and property offenses. Additionally, laws have been enacted that greatly reduce the ability of a judge to grant lesser sentences in a variety of non-violent drug and property offenses. Dramatic changes occur almost yearly and require diligent defense attorneys to keep abreast of these laws.

Further Changes: Oregon Supreme Court Decisions

Further complicating the picture in Oregon have been recent and sometimes wholesale changes that have been brought to Oregon's sentencing procedures. These changes stem primarily from recent Supreme Court decisions that have dramatically altered the rights of criminal defendants facing criminal charges or facing criminal sentencing in Oregon. Oregon's sentencing practice and procedure is in a dramatic state of flux. A whole series of statutes has been enacted recently, generating much legal wrangling, simply to provide for new practices and procedures related to sentencing in an effort to comply with these new constitutional interpretations. An experienced and knowledgeable Oregon criminal defense lawyer is a necessity in helping you navigate these waters.

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