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Sealing a Criminal Record

A simple arrest or criminal citation stays on your record unless you take action to have that record sealed or expunged. This is true even if no charges are brought against you, even if the charges are dismissed and even if you are found “not guilty” at trial.

With an arrest or conviction record, you may find it difficult to find employment or housing.

Sealing a Criminal Record in Oregon

In some cases, you may petition the court to seal your criminal record or your arrest record. This is also sometimes called "criminal record expungement."

At the Portland, Oregon, law firm of Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our criminal defense attorneys know the intricacies of Oregon's criminal record expungement laws. We are skilled in the art of filing the necessary motions and affidavits to get the arrest, citation or conviction erased from your record.

Get Help Sealing a Criminal Record

Because not all types of arrests, citations and convictions can be sealed, our attorneys will consult with you at no charge to determine whether your situation falls within Oregon's laws allowing for the arrest, citation or conviction to be sealed.

General Guidelines for Sealing a Criminal Record in Oregon

Under Oregon law, you may be eligible to apply for expungement of your criminal conviction or arrest record:

  • Any time after three years from the date of the conviction, as long as you have complied with and fully performed the court's sentence. Your conviction must have been a violation, misdemeanor, or Class C felony, or a crime punishable as either a felony or a misdemeanor, including some Class B felony marijuana cases.
  • Any time after one year from the date of any arrest, if no complaint was filed.
  • Any time after an acquittal or a dismissal of the charge.

Generally, you are not eligible for expungement if:

  • The conviction was for a sex crime, child abuse crime, domestic violence crime, traffic offense, or any Class B or A felonies (with the exception of some class B marijuana cases).
  • You have been convicted of any other crime within the 10 years preceding your expungement application.
  • There is another criminal charge currently pending against you in court.

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In all cases, we make sure our clients always understand exactly what fees and costs they will pay for our services.

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