Sex Crimes

Portland, Oregon: Defense of Criminal Sexual Accusations

Sex crime accusations are extremely sensitive. Every person who comes under investigation or suffers an arrest on sex crimes charges deserves a criminal defense attorney who works as a staunch advocate – making sure that all sides of the story are uncovered and brought to light.

In sex crimes cases, it is also extremely important to get a criminal defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Early intervention in sex crimes cases means that your defense lawyer has more time to build a strong defense on your behalf – as well as appear on your behalf from the outset, to state your case and protect your rights.

Experienced and Discreet Attorneys Defending Clients Accused of Sex Crimes

At the Portland law firm of Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., we have advanced experience representing clients who have come under the terrible cloud of sex crimes accusations.

Our attorneys bring to the table the combined experience of more than 70 years working as criminal defense throughout Oregon. We have defended clients from all walks of life against sex crimes charges of all varieties, including sexual assault, statutory rape, sodomy, child abuse, possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, sexual exploitation of a minor. We defend these cases in both state and federal court.

If you are charged in federal court it is imperative you hire an attorney with sufficient experience because generally the penalties in federal court are more serious and the federal sentencing guidelines are more complex than in state court. Federal child pornography cases can involve draconian mandatory minimum sentences and the potential for life-long civil commitment.

We place a high value on protecting our clients' privacy and handling their cases with extreme sensitivity and discretion. Our offices are conveniently located near major freeways and the Portland Transit Mall – however, they are also privately located outside of downtown Portland, with private parking. Our attorneys can also meet with you at another private location that is mutually convenient.

We “Wrote the Book” on Defense of Sex Crimes, Literally

One of our attorneys, Andrew M. Kohlmetz, has authored several chapters in the trial manuals used by criminal defense lawyers throughout Oregon, including the chapter on defense of sodomy cases in the “Sex Crimes Defense Manual” published by the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association.

General information about criminal law, criminal defense or the criminal justice system is available on the following pages of our Web site: Criminal Defense FAQ and Criminal Law Information Center. If, however, you have questions about a specific case, we urge you to contact our office as soon as possible.

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All initial consultations are free. We will discuss fees in depth at the initial consultation and we will work with you to find a fee structure that is appropriate given the nature and complexity of the case. We can negotiate flat rate fees or hourly-rate fees, depending again on the type of case.

In all cases, we make sure our clients always understand exactly what fees and costs they will pay for our services.

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