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Fines and jail time are only the most obvious of the potential consequences that a person could face if convicted of theft or burglary. If convicted, a person will have a property crime on their record. This type of conviction does not look good on a person's record, particularly to potential employers. Especially in this competitive job market, employers are not going to be interested in hiring someone who has this type of crime on his or her record.

Oftentimes more than one property crime is charged arising out of only one incident. If a second property crime is charged, even in the same case, the client may now be facing a "Repeat Property Offender" mandatory prison sentence. Even for a first-time offender!

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our lawyers have decades of experience. We know the consequences that our clients could face. We know how hard we have to fight in order to prevent our clients from facing those consequences. We take pride in our tough and aggressive approach to criminal defense.

Theft Crimes

Theft is a broad category that covers a large array of property crimes, including:

We defend first-time offenders, as well as those accused of repeat property offenses.


There is a misconception that burglary and theft are one and the same. In reality, burglary is the crime of going into a place without permission with the intent to commit a crime. Of course, that crime tends to be theft.

The severity of a burglary charge can depend on the place that was allegedly burglarized. If the allegations involve entering an occupied home, the case may be substantially more serious than if the allegations involve entering a business after business hours. No matter how challenging a case may be, we have the strength to build a defense strategy designed to succeed.

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