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Identity theft in Oregon is broadly defined as the obtaining, possessing, transferring, creating, uttering or converting to one's own use, with the intent to deceive or defraud, the personal identification of another. This expansive statute has the potential for transforming any misdemeanor fraudulent use of a credit card case into a serious felony charge. At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our Portland lawyers defend clients against a variety of identity theft charges, building on more than 70 years of collective experience to develop strong cases.

People charged with identify theft are often surprised by the penalties. If convicted of identity theft, a person can face a 13 month minimum prison sentence and will have a Class C felony on his or her record. The related crime of "Aggravated Identity Theft" is even more serious, calling for a 19 month mandatory minimum prison sentence. To fight this possibility, our attorneys examine the evidence to identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Our attorneys mount a vigorous defense for clients charged with state identity theft offenses that include:

  • Forgery or theft of identification
  • Possession of stolen identification
  • Forgery of checks
  • Using a false identity to obtain services, make a purchase or obtain a license
  • Fraudulent online credit card purchases
  • Stolen credit cards
  • Using another's identity for a credit application
  • Computer-aided identity theft

A factual investigation into the commission of the alleged offense is often necessary. This is particularly important in these cases because what you may think of as one incident could easily be two or three, if you wrote more than one bad check, purchased more than one item on the Internet or stole multiple credit cards from one person. Situations such as these can lead to more than one conviction, putting you at risk for an enhanced penalty or a charge of aggravated identity theft. We raise any mitigating circumstances and legal arguments against the aggregation of incidents that could reduce your exposure to these risks.

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