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Hit-And-Run Driver Leaves Portland Woman With Brain Injuries

As more and more people take to the road, car accidents become increasingly commonplace. Some car accidents are fender benders, but others result in serious and traumatic injuries to victims. Hit-and-run accidents are one of the more dangerous and complex kinds of crashes.

Recently, in Portland, a 21-year-old woman was struck by a hit-and-run driver while crossing the road. She was found face-down in the middle of the street and suffered serious injuries, including head trauma. Police are still searching for the driver of the car, but located the vehicle near the scene of the collision.

Such traumatic injuries usually lead to expensive ongoing medical treatment and costs for rehabilitation. Many car accident victims choose to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek money to cover these expenses. After hit-and-run accidents, especially, it is challenging to prove fault until a driver is located. As any Portland attorney would attest, in many cases, if a hit-and-run driver is insured, victims pursue an action against a defendant driver's insurance company, rather than against the offending party alone.

In a personal injury action against a reckless or negligent driver defendant, plaintiffs injured by the defendant must show that the driver was at fault. They can prove this by showing that the driver was not driving safely, or that the accident occurred as a result of recklessness. Sometimes, a victim may worry that they will not be able to recover compensation because they shared some fault in the accident, such as in cases where a victim jaywalked before being hit by a car. Victims should know, however, that the law does not stop someone from recovering even if they may be partially at fault.

Victims of serious motor vehicle accidents are required to prove fault in court. By showing that a negligent or reckless driver caused their injuries in a hit-and-run or other accident, they may be able to recover money to cover expenses and pain and suffering.

Source: kptv.com, "Woman, 21, suffers traumatic head injuries in hit-and-run," Sept. 18, 2012

Our law firm represents individuals who were injured in car accidents. For more information, please visit our car accidents page.

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