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Portland hit-and-run car accident cover up

For victims of car accidents, the accident can be very traumatic and even deadly. Victims and their family often have a long road to recovery.

Details are just emerging about a recent fatal hit and run accident in Portland, Oregon. In March a woman was struck and killed after a Portland Timber's game. The driver left the scene of the accident. The victim died as a result of the accident. The hit and run went unsolved for months. Eventually a tip paid off and the police were able to piece together what had happened, in what they are calling the largest hit and run cover up they have ever seen.

The driver of the car knew that something had gone horribly wrong when she hit the victim, but decided not to stop and to continue to drive. She enlisted the help of her friends to help her cover up what had happened and to repair the car to hide the evidence. Several of the driver's friends and family encouraged the driver to confess the crime to the police. Eventually the guilt weighed too heavily on one of the driver's friends who the came forward to the police to explain what had happened. Police attempted to arrest the driver, but she attempted to escape to Canada. The US Marshalls were able to prevent her escape. The driver was sentenced to six years in jail.

For victims of hit and run accidents and their families, the recovery from such a traumatic injury can be costly and lengthy. Victims will often seek compensation for their loss. Sometimes compensation can be difficult if it is not possible to locate the driver. This often leaves victims either with no compensation for their loss or limited recoveryfrom their insurance company.

Victims of hit and run accidents may be worried about their ability to recover from their losses or confused about their options. An experienced attorney can help the victim through the process and assist the victim in preserving their claims.

Source: Oregon Live "Cover-up of fatal hit-and-run after Portland Timbers game was most extensive police have seen," Amiee Green, Nov. 5, 2012.

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