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Kidnapping allegations can be a federal crime in Oregon

People of Multnomah, Oregon, should be aware that kidnapping is a criminal act. The act is often committed with coercion or weapons. In Oregon, kidnapping is treated seriously, and criminal charges associated with kidnapping may fall under the category of a federal crime.

In Oregon, a 59-year-old man from Eugene was taken into custody because he allegedly kidnapped another man. The man is facing charges of carrying a weapon, coercion and first-degree kidnapping. The arrest was made after the police performed an investigation at the scene of the incident. Allegedly, the accused man had a gun when he kidnapped the victim. Subsequently, the police contend that he threatened to injure the victim if he did not follow his orders.

Kidnapping charges in Oregon are classified under Measure 11 crimes. Measure 11 crimes can carry a sentence of seven and half years in prison. Kidnapping can also be prosecuted in federal court, which may have even more severe consequences. The penalties of criminal charges prosecuted in federal court may include fines or jail time. Aside from kidnapping, the person in possession of a weapon, bank robbery and counterfeiting may also be arraigned in federal court.

A person accused of a federal crime, particularly kidnapping, may find him- or herself in serious trouble. Simply being charged with those crimes may affect the person's life tremendously. The accused person may have difficulty getting employment, and may experience extreme emotional distress. Being accused of a federal crime may cause public stigma because such criminal charges are considered a danger to the community.

For these reasons, the accused person needs to realize the importance of a strong defense. Ultimately, although a federal criminal defense is more complex and severe than a state criminal defense, facing such a situation with a plan may make all of the difference.

Source: The Register Guard, "Man held to answer kidnapping accusation," Jack Moran, April 11, 2013.

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