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December 2013 Archives

Federal computer crime links to Oregon quartet

Most Multnomah, Oregon, residents are aware that many products and services nowadays are sold online. With the accessibility of the Internet it is easy for entrepreneurs to legally conduct transactions for profit. However, four Oregon residents allegedly used the Internet to sell illegal drugs.

Credit card theft suspects to face fraud, conspiracy charges

Conspiracy is a criminal offense that by definition requires the involvement of more than one person. Thus, a faulty investigation can implicate unsuspecting people of crimes they may not have been involved with. This may be the case in what is turning out to be a baffling case several miles east of Auto and Multnomah County, Oregon.

Operation White Christmas led to federal crime arrest

An investigation led by the Multnomah County, Oregon, Sheriff's Office has resulted in multiple arrests, made after a six-month investigation called "Operation White Christmas" that targeted alleged white supremacist gang members and suspected drug and firearm traffickers. According to sources, 40 Oregon residents were indicted in federal court on drug and firearm charges.

Caretaker's job at stake after alleged theft incident

Simple theft may be less serious compared to bank robbery, armed robbery and identity theft, but it still has a profound effect on a victim. In Oregon, a 20-year-old female caretaker was arrested recently for allegedly pawning an item she stole in November. The woman is facing several theft charges in connection with the incident.

Three linked to alleged credit card fraud in Oregon

Three people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, for alleged credit card fraud. According to a news account, two men, aged 29 and 24, and a 20-year-old woman have been accused of using fake credit cards during a two-month, two-state shopping spree. The California trio allegedly accumulated purchases of as much as $150,000 and has been charged with several counts of theft. Arrested on fraud charges at the Portland Holiday Inn, police say that they discovered more than 50 fraudulent credit cards in the trio's possession.

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