Oregon's "Waldo bandit" arrested as suspect for recent robbery

Although it may seem like an uphill climb, previously convicted Auto and Multnomah County, Oregon, residents can still effectively integrate themselves into the community. They can still be productive members of society. The sad part, however, is that even if they have paid their dues, they can still be subjected to bias and be unnecessarily implicated in crimes because of their past.

This may currently be the plight of a once-convicted bank robber known as the "Where's Waldo Bandit." The 32-year-old man got his whimsical moniker because, like the cartoon character "Waldo," he once wore a striped sweater, sported a bowl-style haircut and wore black-rimmed glasses in a robbery.

He was previously convicted of a federal theft charge when he set a box in front of a teller and gave her a note demanding that she fill it with $2,000 or he would detonate a bomb in the bank. He spent 40 months in prison for robbery but was eventually released after serving his time.

He was arrested for alleged probation violation and another robbery charge. His whereabouts were traced when a neighbor called 911. He appeared ill and was treated in a hospital for an undisclosed condition. Criminal investigation details the Waldo bandit's history of drug and medical abuse and suicidal tendencies.

While overcoming the challenges of past mistakes is difficult enough, life becomes even more complicated if a person is unfairly implicated in crimes because of his or her past. Auto and Multnomah County residents with past convictions still have rights and should be given an opportunity to straighten out their lives without unnecessary baggage. Building a strong defense with the help of an experienced and sympathetic criminal defense legal professional can be a significant step toward the dismissal of charges and the start of a new life.


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