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Conspiracy: you can be charged without committing the crime

Conspiracy charges can be equated to being in the wrong place at the wrong time charges. Conspiracy refers to accusations that a person is involved in a criminal activity, such as white collar crime or a drug case. What makes the charges so severe is that even an innocent bystander implicated in the crime can face charges. If convicted, a person's punishment can be equivalent to committing the actual crime even if the person was just an accessory. Oregonians in this sort of situation should not lose heart and consider aggressive legal representation.

We stand by the saying "not guilty unless proven otherwise" and offer our legal guidance honed by years of experience to Oregonians falsely accused of conspiracy. Conspiracy allegations are often federal charges, meaning that this kind of case may be a new ball game that inexperienced law firms don't know how to play. Federal cases are prosecuted aggressively with plea deals more difficult to negotiate and the scrutiny of evidence meticulous. A conspiracy charge also means that you are on the radar of federal investigators.

Despite being an obviously difficult task, asserting the innocence of the accused and seeking a dismissal of the charges, is not an impossible feat. We know this for a fact because we have done it many times before. In order for the court to convict, it must prove a few key points beyond a reasonable doubt. One is that an agreement between two parties was made to commit the crime. Two, the accused was privy to the group, knew the goal and that accomplishment of the goal was intentional. Finally, one of the accused actually executed an act to advance the conspiracy.

We, of course, are aware of such tactics and often use our more than 70 years of combined experience and skill to debunk so-called evidence against our clients. We will not rest when helping Oregonians assert their innocence and reclaim their lost reputation.

For more information on our firm's conspiracy defense practice, please reference our federal conspiracy defense webpage.

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