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October 2014 Archives

Aggressive defense for Oregonians charged with theft

Theft is often perceived by Oregonians as a petty crime that, at most, results in a slap on the wrist. However, theft has different classifications and can even be held in a federal court. A federal theft charge can be filed for a bank robbery, whether armed or not, or possession of stolen property. However, our Eugene, Oregon, law firm provides the aggressive, effective and efficient defense an accused will need.

What does an Oregon resident face when accused of conspiracy?

When Oregon residents hear the word "conspiracy," it often conjures up images of secret societies and covert political schemes. However, conspiracy is also a criminal charge. Due to its severity, more often than not the charges are on a federal scale. So, it is best for Oregon residents to know what they are dealing with if they face conspiracy allegations.

Former CEO's fraud trial postponed until next year

Most white collar crime charges have a tendency to be complex. Fraud accusations are no exception. One thread could link several companies and individuals as well as tremendous amounts of paper evidence. One of the best examples of this kind of crime is a case that Oregon residents may remember, the one involving a former Sunwest chief executive officer. However, it seems that the case is far from over as the trial has been moved to next year.

What are the penalties for federal firearms offenses?

Using a gun in the commission of a crime can significantly increase the sentence. Sentences for federal firearms offenses can be particularly severe. Oregonians who are facing such accusations should be aware of the possible penalties they are facing in order to prepare the best possible criminal defense for their trial.

The right approach to fraud cases

Fraud can be a very complex criminal charge. An Oregon resident accused of this fraud-schemes.shtml">white collar crime can easily be a suspect out of mere circumstance, or may be falsely accused. Unfortunately, in court, especially federal court, an accused's word is usually not enough to be free of the fraud charges. An aggressive and convincing criminal defense is still necessary. Through the years, our Portland-based law firm has helped Oregon residents facing fraud accusations clear their name and move forward with their lives.

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