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November 2014 Archives

Breaking down the severity of federal conspiracy charges

Conspiracy charges, even on the state level, can have serious penalties. The stakes are significantly increased when conspiracy charges are elevated to a federal level. Whether the charges stem from a purported terrorist attack or from a drug-related criminal conspiracy, these accusations can put an Oregon resident in an uncompromising position.

Achieving the best possible results against federal charges

A criminal defense for a misdemeanor or even some felonies can, at times, be fairly straightforward. However, it is often a different story when it comes to federal charges. Oregonians accused of a federal offense will not only have a change of venue, from state court to federal court, but they are moving to a court that is frequently stricter, with more aggressive prosecutors and with more expensive fines and longer prison sentences. In this challenging situation, our law firm is committed to helping Oregon residents achieve the best possible results in their case.

Can federal drug charges lead to other consequences?

Oregon has strict drug laws, like most states do. An Oregon resident who has been charged with possession, use or distribution of prohibited substances can expect serious penalties. However, being charged by local authorities is not the worst possible scenario. An Oregon resident may face federal drug charges as well. However, not everyone who is charged with a crime is actually guilty. It is in the best interest of Oregon residents to understand the penalties and other nuances of a federal drug charge so they can prepare the best legal defense possible.

Federal computer crime can make a victim seem like an accomplice

Although the Internet has made life a lot better for many people, it has also resulted in criminals becoming more creative. Internet schemes are a dime a dozen. While many of these schemes are obvious and Internet users can easily protect themselves from them, there are other schemes that are much more subtle. One elaborate scheme in particular can make unsuspecting Internet users seem like accomplices and end up facing federal computer crime charges even though, in reality, they are the victims.

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