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December 2014 Archives

Oregon man pleads not guilty to child pornography allegations

Criminal allegations can severely stain a person's reputation. When the accusation is a federal child pornography crime, the damage can be even more pervasive. A Forest Grove man accused of such a crime and other charges is finding how difficult the situation can be.

Nike shoe theft conspiracy trial rescheduled to March

Theft charges carry serious consequences under Oregon law. It can also be a federal crime if it involves a allegations of wire fraud or interstate transportation of stolen goods. An Oregonian convicted of conspiracy theft in a federal court will face serious penalties, including potential time in prison. Three former employees of shoe manufacturing giant Nike are looking at this possibility after allegedly stealing company sneakers and attempting to resell them.

How can Oregonians avoid being charged with mortgage fraud?

In the past several years, the real estate industry has gone through some rough times. A lot of people who invested in real estate ended up with losses rather than gains. However, the down turn in the industry did not only result in losses, it also resulted in criminal accusations for some individuals as well. These allegations of mortgage fraud trapped many people who only wanted to make an honest living. In order for Oregonians to avoid this kind of situation, they need to understand exactly what mortgage fraud is.

Aggressive representation for Oregonians accused of a cybercrime

The Internet has definitely changed the way most people, including many Oregonians, go about their lives. Although most of these changes are positive, there can be downsides. With the power of technology in the hands of unscrupulous people, an unsuspecting Oregonian who is just browsing the Internet, checking email or online shopping can be framed for a cybercrime. However, our Portland-based law firm can provide an accused with aggressive legal representation that can help them clear their name.

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