Achieving the best possible results against federal charges

A criminal defense for a misdemeanor or even some felonies can, at times, be fairly straightforward. However, it is often a different story when it comes to federal charges. Oregonians accused of a federal offense will not only have a change of venue, from state court to federal court, but they are moving to a court that is frequently stricter, with more aggressive prosecutors and with more expensive fines and longer prison sentences. In this challenging situation, our law firm is committed to helping Oregon residents achieve the best possible results in their case.

Compared with state criminal charges, federal offenses have different rules and procedures. The strategic approach to trials and possible plea negotiations are different as well. In many cases, the federal court may also have mandatory minimum sentencing laws. This means that there are a set of penalties in place for specific crimes. As daunting as the situation seems, our experienced lawyers are trained to handle and succeed in such a difficult situation.

Our lawyers have successfully defended federal cases that range from drug offenses to white collar crimes. They have also effectively fended off charges that accuse Oregon residents of child pornography, possession of firearms and other federal crimes. While clients assert their innocence, we help them find sufficient evidence and witness testimonies to further their cause. Through it all, we make sure they have the privacy needed to help prevent allegations from damaging their lives on a more permanent basis.

Oregon residents who are facing federal charges may have the best chance to succeed with experienced legal guidance. Our track record can speak for itself. For more information about our high-quality legal services, Oregonians can check out our website. Despite their charges, Oregon residents have rights that should be protected; our skilled lawyers will make sure to protect those rights as they go through the justice system and move forward in life.


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