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January 2015 Archives

How can Oregonians avoid allegations of cybercrime at work?

Oregonians, like most Americans, spend a lot of time online. Surfing the Internet has become a way of life and an enterprise for many people and like many routines, people can become complacent when they are comfortable. Complacency can leave Oregonians open to a cybercrime attack, especially people who use the internet at work. They can also be implicated in a crime without their knowledge and face federal computer crime charges. However, such a predicament can be avoided.

Man faces wire fraud accusations amounting to almost $1 million

Fraud, like many white collar crimes, has certain categories. Wire fraud, in particular, is a category that is not just prosecuted at the local or state level, but can be elevated to federal court as well. Once that happens, an accused can face harsher penalties and a possible minimum mandatory sentence that can be difficult to counteract. An Oregon businessman is currently facing such a predicament.

What are the penalties for federal theft charges?

Generally, theft charges are prosecuted by the states, including Oregon, but sometimes charges can be charged at the federal level. A federal theft charge can lead to serious consequences including prison, fines, a damaged personal reputation and trouble finding employment. Such charges are especially frightening if someone has been wrongfully accused.

We aggressively defend those accused of mortgage fraud

Fraud is a broad legal term that includes a number of white collar crimes including mortgage, bank and wire fraud. Fraud charges are frequently filed in conjunction with other charges, such as conspiracy. Fraud charges are often brought in federal court. Since the collapse of the housing bubble many individuals in Oregon have been charged with mortgage fraud.

Federal counterfeiting charges can bring severe consequences

The term counterfeiting does not refer only to the illegal reproduction of a nation's currency. It also refers to the creation and distribution of products or services without legal permission from the owner or originator. Stealing the design and distinct qualities of a commercial product is a serious problem in the United States and around the world. The act is a crime under federal law. Anyone caught distributing such products can be held on federal charges whether or not they were involved in the manufacturing of the items in question.

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