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How can Oregonians avoid allegations of cybercrime at work?

Oregonians, like most Americans, spend a lot of time online. Surfing the Internet has become a way of life and an enterprise for many people and like many routines, people can become complacent when they are comfortable. Complacency can leave Oregonians open to a cybercrime attack, especially people who use the internet at work. They can also be implicated in a crime without their knowledge and face federal computer crime charges. However, such a predicament can be avoided.

The first line of defense is education and training about online safety. Companies should provide proper instruction for employees about online security policies. Concepts such as phishing, packet sniffing, hacking and social engineering should be explained thoroughly to employees. Securing digital assets is the next step to stopping cybercrime. Some companies cut corners to save on hardware or software with considerable risk to security. Outdated software, such as antivirus programs, can be exploited by hackers. Not scanning web applications for malware can compromise important business data.

Backing up data is a must because it can assure that compromised information can still be retrieved. Cloud storage is a popular choice for backing up data. However, it's important to check the security protocols of the cloud storage in use to ensure security. Companies, as well as individuals, should understand that an internet crime can also be considered a white collar crime and elevated to federal court, sometimes making it more difficult for an accused to enter a plea deal or dispute the charges.

Oregonians in this type of situation can immediately seek legal remedies. A cybercrime defense can be complicated and must be attuned to the intricacies of ever-evolving laws. A criminal defense professional may also help deconstruct the charges as well as the circumstances of the allegations to assert the innocence of an accused.

Source: Forbes.com, "How to prevent cyber crime," Aug. 28, 2013

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