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Conspiracy charges and Oregon anti-racketeering law

According to Oregon laws, it is illegal for a person to knowingly accept money or goods which have any relation to racketeering. It is immaterial whether or not the proceeds are related directly to a racketeering activity. It is illegal for an individual to accept any proceeds from racketeering activities even if the proceeds are indirectly related to the unlawful activities. If a person is even distantly involved in any racketeering activity, that person may be deemed by a judge to have entered into an agreement to commit a crime.

It is also unlawful for an individual to maintain any control over, or have any interest in any enterprise or property which is related to unlawful racketeering activities. A person may face conspiracy charges if he or she has associations with racketeers or is employed by them. Conspiracy is unlawful and any act of conspiracy would attract serious consequences and strict penalties.

If an individual engages with racketeers or participates in activities such as having an interest in real estate related to racketeering activities, having control over an enterprise related to such illicit activities, or engaging in collecting unlawful debts, the person would likely face accusations of a Class A felony. If convicted, such an individual would face hefty fines.

The extent of fines is directly related to the gross amount of money or valuables gained out of the racketeering activity or the gross value of losses caused while the illegal activity was being carried out by the individual. The value of the fine is generally three times the value gained or the loss caused, whichever value is greater. A convicted individual would also potentially have to pay court costs and investigation expenses. Seeking guidance from an Oregon federal criminal defense attorney can help a defendant lessen their chances of a conviction if accused of criminal conspiracy or racketeering.

Source: Oregonlaws.org, "§ 166.720¹ Racketeering activity unlawful," accessed on March 26, 2015

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