High-tech crimes and high-tech defense

The Internet has become an almost crucial part of daily life across the United States and around the world. Increasingly, Oregon residents seem to live on the Internet, reading the news, doing their shopping, watching and listening to entertainment, chatting with friends and doing work online.

Along with these online activities come online crimes. And because Internet communications cross state lines, these crimes may be prosecuted by federal officials.

Crimes that are committed using the Internet may seem new but the underlying motivations and operational ideologies are the same as they have always been. Crimes committed over the Internet also carry similar consequences as their offline counterparts. However, there are some important differences in the ways that online crimes are defined, prosecuted and penalized. Perhaps the most important difference lies in the way these cases are investigated. Traditionally, investigators talked about a paper trail. For online crimes, they pursue a digital trail. This kind of investigation can be powerful, but it can also be misleading or downright wrong.

The prosecution in these cases will be technologically savvy. To build an effective defense, it's crucial that the defense attorneys are technologically savvy as well. The prosecution of a case involving an alleged computer crime such as online child pornography distribution is usually based largely on an electronic investigation. The defense must be able to understand that investigation and point out any potential weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Any case involving allegations of this kind is extremely sensitive. For those facing Internet crime charges, it's extremely important to have experienced attorneys working on a defense. For more information, see our child pornography distribution defense web page.


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