The FBI cracks down on Internet crime in Oregon

Crime in Oregon is not limited to the physical world. In this day and age, when a significant part of daily life is lived on the World Wide Web in the form of online shopping or sending emails, crimes perpetrated on the Internet may be considered a serious threat and a federal offense. Those who have been charged with an Internet crime may want to seek assistance immediately, as the penalties can be stiff.

What is a cyber crime? According to an official from the Portland, Oregon, Cyber Squad of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, if a computer or the Internet is used to commit a criminal act, it may be considered as cyber crime. The nature of the crime may be traditional but the vehicle used to commit the crime is primarily the Internet. According to an FBI spokesman, one top priority of the division is to crack down on cyber terrorism or intentional attacks aimed at defacing websites or derailing critical network-based services to inspire general fear and panic among users.

One main threat targets government agencies and corporations to gain economic advantage. These attacks may be funded by anti-national elements or terrorist groups and are considered silent but very serious threats. Another type of threat categorized an Internet crime is generally thought to be perpetrated by private citizens. The primary motive in these cases seems to be the theft of personal information or illegal activity using Internet sites. Often, federal child pornography cases begin with evidence seized from a personal computer of a private citizen.

In response, the FBI cyber crime division, along with the Cyber Action Team and the Computer Analysis Response Team, are tasked with analyzing digital forensic evidence and investigating both domestic and foreign incidences of Internet crime.

With the FBI cracking down on those committing cyber crimes, those who have been accused may want to seek legal assistance immediately, in an effort to craft a strategic defense.


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