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White collar crimes: Mortgage fraud allegations

Mortgage fraud happens when an individual takes out a loan for a mortgage without any intention of paying back the money. For example, imagine someone takes out the loan to buy a house but never used the money to buy the home; instead, he or she deposited the money into an offshore account and escaped the country. Or, maybe the person lied when applying for the loan and received a loan that he or she normally wouldn't gain approval for.

What constitutes voter fraud in Oregon? It may surprise you

It's hard to turn on the news these days and not see discussion of voter fraud or election hacking. However, Oregon Secretary of State Jeanne P. Atkins notes that instances of an individual actually casting a fraudulent ballot are very rare.

Financial manager pleads guilty to defrauding basketball star

There have been a number of widely-reported cases of sports and entertainment stars losing money due to poor investments and less-than-honest financial advisors. Some prominent celebrities lost millions to Bernie Madoff, for example.

What makes identity theft 'aggravated?'

Identity theft has been around since the days where people would steal checking account statements out of a mailbox or someone's driver's license or credit card. The victim could suffer financial damage, not to mention significant inconvenience, to be sure. However, with so much of our business and personal activity now done online, the potential loss, and therefore the penalties, are much greater.

Creative accounting or bank fraud: understanding check kiting

What you might see as creative accounting or simple desperate measures to keep your household or business afloat short-term could actually be bank fraud. Check kiting occurs when someone uses more than one bank account, writing checks and depositing them in a circular fashion to make it look like funds are present when they are not. This is possible when someone uses the bank float system to their advantage, and it is illegal.

Don't get caught for fraud!

One type of fraud for which you can be arrested and convicted is to send out fake invoices that are actually solicitations. While they may contain disclaimers somewhere in small print stating, "This is not a bill," that is not sufficient.

What is mortgage fraud?

One of the crimes investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation is mortgage fraud. As one of the crimes that comes under the umbrella of financial institution fraud, mortgage fraud is characterized by misrepresentations, omissions or material misstatements related to the generation of a mortgage loan.

Can you beat a fraud case in court?

At its most basic level, fraud is based on deception of some type. A person can be accused of intentionally defrauding another individual for money or other gain, or he or she can be accused of defrauding an institution or entity. But the common denominator is always some kind of deceit in order to take advantage of a situation or person.

Hearing aid company executives face federal fraud charges

Oregon residents may be interested in a case in which five employees of Starkey Laboratories -- an international manufacturer of hearing aids based in another state -- have been charged with the theft of over $20 million from the company. Three of the accused individuals were executive members of the company. The federal charges that they are facing include wire and mail fraud and conspiracy to participate in money laundering.

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