Defending against Marijuana Charges

Experienced Marijuana Defense Attorneys in Portland

As common as marijuana is, it is not surprising that so many people find themselves facing federal marijuana charges. What is surprising to some people is how serious these charges are and how severe the penalties can be if a person is convicted.

In federal marijuana possession and distribution cases, sentences are primarily dictated by the amount of the marijuana possessed or distributed. Of course, the more that is involved, the more severe the penalties can be. In marijuana cultivation cases, however, the potential sentence is driven by the number of plants involved. Another complicating factor in these cases is that federal law does not recognize the validity of medical marijuana or the legal provisions of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. In many federal marijuana cases, the penalties go beyond fines or probation and include tough prison sentences. A tough, aggressive, and experienced Portland marijuana defense attorney can fight to prevent these sentences.

At Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C., our attorneys have decades of experience in defending against these charges. We know how to successfully navigate the federal court system in marijuana cases, finding every opportunity to fight for positive results for our clients.

We defend against the following charges and more:

  • Drug possession and possession with intent
  • Drug distribution and manufacturing
  • Drug conspiracy

Recreational Marijuana & Medical Marijuana

In Oregon, medical marijuana is legal. It can be used, grown, and distributed according to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA). However, there are no federal laws making the use of medical marijuana legal. As a result of the federal court's refusal to recognize medical marijuana, larger grow operations often find themselves on the wrong side of severe federal charges.

It comes as a shock to some that the federal government will prosecute such marijuana cases, yet, they do. It is our experience that federal authorities have taken a rather dim view of the larger grow operations, collectives, and cooperatives that have emerged under the OMMA. We believe that an unwritten presumption of illegitimacy has arisen with regard to larger medical operations in Oregon. Unfortunately, compliance with the OMMA is no defense in federal court. Nor can one raise the defenses of medical necessity or choice of evils. Our attorneys are skilled at handling federal cases that involve interplay with state-sanctioned medical marijuana laws.

Also, while the federal authorities may be taking a relatively hands-off approach to prosecuting those it views as acting in compliance with the OMMA, no such informal protection extends to those persons growing, manufacturing, or distributing marijuana or marijuana products under Oregon's recent legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana. To be clear - any involvement with medical or recreational marijuana in Oregon subjects you to both federal criminal prosecution and federal asset forfeiture.

If you are involved or are considering getting involved with the production, manufacturing, or distribution of marijuana under Oregon law, you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to understand the scope of your potential federal criminal and civil liability - including asset forfeiture. The attorneys at Kohlmetz, Steen & Hanrahan, P.C, can help you understand the nature and scope of these unavoidable risks.

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Our law firm is committed to providing high-quality legal representation at reasonable rates. We are also dedicated to discretion and protecting our clients' privacy to the greatest extent possible as they move through the criminal justice system.

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