Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association endorses Measure 80

The Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association has recently weighed in on the Measure 80 and offered its official endorsement, joining groups like the NAACP and the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555. Measure 80 or the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, as our Portland readers know, proposes to regulate cannabis much the same way liquor is regulated.

Under Measure 80, marijuana would be legal for adults 21 years of age and older, and would tax, regulate and enforce the cannabis industry utilizing state-licensed stores, sales to only adults 21 years and older, and new criminal and civil penalties for selling or providing cannabis to minors.

The measure is endorsed by supporters as a sane drug police that would adopt a reasonable regulation policy to put an end to the conditions giving rise to illegal trafficking and aggressive enforcement efforts. In past years, Oregon has spent over $60 million per year enforcing cannabis prohibition, from local police efforts to courtroom costs to the costs of incarcerating offenders.

Regulation of cannabis and allowance of a legitimate industry is expected to keep sales out of the hands of street gangs and violent cartels, in addition to keeping harmless users out of the criminal justice system.

Although marijuana-related crimes are often considered less serious than other drug charges, those charged with marijuana possession or trafficking can and do face serious consequences, depending on the circumstances. It is important for those facing these charges to build a solid defense case early on in the process, so as to ensure the best possible outcome.


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