Oregon man accused of felony in an alleged domestic violence

A felony is considered the most serious kind of crime in all 50 states, including in Oregon. A felony may range from terrorism to murder to kidnapping to other offenses that go against the moral standards of American society. The possible punishment for a felony charge will be more severe than a misdemeanor.

Recently, an Oregon man was detained in Multnomah County Detention Center because of an alleged domestic violence incident. Reportedly, the incident happened in his family home and involved his wife of 17 years. Police officers said that the 54-year-old man attempted to suffocate his wife by using a plastic garbage liner and blanket while she was sleeping in a separate bedroom. His wife claimed that she was able to break free from the strangulation and reported the incident to authorities.

As a result, the Portland man was charged with a felony in connection with the alleged domestic violence incident and attempted murder. He was placed behind bars in lieu of $255,000.

Misdemeanors and serious infractions are punishable with up to one year in jail, depending on the state and the particular case. Felonies, however, may lead to prison sentences of more than a year, large fines or both, if the person is convicted.

Regardless, an Oregon resident accused of a felony may experience consequences without further conviction. The community may deem a felony to be morally abhorrent, leading to public stigma and damaging the person's reputation. It can impact the person's employment, future career and other endeavors. Altogether, a felony can significantly alter a person's life.

However, the possible consequences of such a criminal accusation may be preventable. People in Oregon who allegedly have committed a felony still have the right to tell their side of the story and to contest the allegations with a solid defense. A knowledgeable legal professional can help the accused person to achieve a just and reasonable judgment and to protect his or her rights as well.


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