Portland father accused of federal weapons crime

Generally speaking, crimes charged at the federal level are more severe compared with those offenses prosecuted in state court. For example, a prison sentence for a state-level charge might be five years, but a similar crime charged on a federal level could carry a maximum sentence of 10 years behind bars.

A father from Portland, Oregon, was recently dealt serious federal criminal charges after his son was connected to a criminal incident. Allegedly, the man faces federal criminal charges because his young son used his gun in an attempted robbery.

According to the report, the father was taken into custody when a woman testified that his son threatened her with a firearm and attempted to hijack her car. Due to this, the father was charged with the federal crime of being a felon in possession of a weapon.

Before the federal charges came down, the man faced state charges of illegal possession of a weapon and endangering the well-being of a child. He was also charged with failure to keep the gun in a secure place.

The accused man was the first person detained under the new ordinance in Portland which forbids adults from leaving their firearms unsecured in places where minors can access them. If the father is found guilty, he could spend years in prison, largely due to the serious federal criminal accusations

Cases like this may not only devastate the accused person's reputation, but it could also hinder their ability to find a job or rent property. For these reasons, individuals may benefit from taking a close look at their options in order to determine how to proceed in court. An experienced legal professional may be able to explain how defendants can fully exercise their rights to obtain a just and reasonable judgment in his or her case.


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