Oregon marijuana bust -- 5 people may face federal drug offenses

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal in the state of Oregon. Under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, cannabis can be grown by licensed growers and distributed to patients. This is done to reimburse the costs of production. However, marijuana cannot be used for recreational purposes. People who are caught distributing or growing marijuana for recreational purposes will be charged with serious federal drug offenses.

Recently, a marijuana drug bust occurred southwest of Multnomah -- Polk County, Oregon. According to the Polk County Sheriff's office, five people -- ages 44, 37, 40, 48 and 52 -- were indicted on multiple drug charges after the authorities allegedly found marijuana with a value of $100,000. They were incarcerated at the local jail. They are facing federal charges and serious penalties may ensue.

Based on the reports, the drug bust began with an investigation of one of the suspects who was allegedly distributing marijuana from his dispensary. One of the suspects allegedly sold marijuana for $200 an ounce. Another report indicated that one of the suspects grew the marijuana in one of his houses.

Authorities searched the man's homes and claim to have found $7,000 in cash, eight guns, 30 pounds of processed marijuana and 300 marijuana plants. The estimated value of the marijuana is $100,000.

In this case, the five suspects may face serious penalties due to the amount of marijuana involved. Aside from fine and probation, the suspects may face long jail sentences as well.

Considering the circumstances, the suspects have the right to defend themselves and contest the allegations against them. In particular, they should ensure their constitutional rights have not been violated throughout the process.


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