Police nab bank fraud suspect in Oregon

People from Multnomah, Oregon, probably know how difficult it is to go through criminal litigation proceedings. These criminal charges may be even more damaging. Especially if it publicly names you as someone involved in fraudulent activity. Negative publicity is not the only problem when being accused of a crime. Recently, a former bank official allegedly drained money from a deceased customer's account. Officials charged the woman with bank fraud. The 40-year-old woman, who was a bank branch manager, allegedly committed bank fraud by taking the money from the account while working at the bank in 2012.

The money that was reportedly collected taken from the deceased customer's account totaling over $35,000. The alleged crime happened before the employee's sixth-month review at the bank. She went to a meeting where she advised bank employees that she had closed a client's bank account. She allegedly pretended to speak with a customer over the phone and had employees withdraw the money. The check was made out to a man's name that turned out to be, a variation of her husband's name. She then went to another bank, where she stated that she sold a car, but that the employees from the first bank had misspelled the name on the check. The check was deposited into her and her husband's joint account.

The next day, she withdrew cash in the amount of $5,000 and a cashier's check worth $13,000. At the same time that the alleged activities happened, an employee where the bank manager worked tried was trying to look for the relative of the customer who had died in 2009. The employee looked for the beneficiaries of the account but soon discovered that the branch manager had closed the account.

The bank manager was also linked to other fraudulent activities at other bank branches. The two cases linked to the manager happened separately in 2011 and 2012. Police arrested her at her home in Oregon.

People suspected of fraud may face severe consequences, especially those concerning significant amounts of money. In order to protect a plaintiff's rights, a legal professional should be consulted. In addition to punishment potential criminal penalties, even being accused or involved in fraud-related litigation can affect the reputation of a person accused of a crime permanently.


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