Drug charges trouble Portland residents

Drugs or illegal controlled substances can directly alter a person's mind and behavior. There are numerous state and federal laws that govern these substances. Drug abuse is a plague in the eyes of both the law and the public. In Portland, Oregon, being involved with possession and distribution of drugs may result in painful consequences.

In recent news, three residents of Portland were arrested on drug charges in Bend, Oregon. The three people were accused of traveling to the neighboring area to sell cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. According to detectives, a 46-year-old man has been the subject of an investigation that allegedly revealed his travel with the intent to sell drugs. The other two people were arrested later at the motel room that they shared with the first man.

They were arrested on a number of drug charges; a detective claimed that one of the accused had approximately one ounce of heroin, 16 grams of cocaine and a small amount of methamphetamine at the time of the arrest. Authorities then searched the motel room, where they allegedly found evidence of drug sales and manufacturing. All three defendants were held at a county jail on various drug delivery, possession and manufacture charges, in addition to charges of conspiracy.

In Portland, drug charges can permanently turn a person's life to shambles. Accused drug traffickers are commonly shunned by the public because of the crime's destructive potential. Drug charges may affect not only the defendants but also may ruin their relatives' reputations as well. The accused may become unemployed and may have trouble finding new job opportunities.

People who are accused of committing drug-related crimes may want to obtain help from a legal professional. A legal professional is adept at protecting the client's legal rights and at providing legal consultation. A legal professional with skills in dealing with drug charges can be a strong representative at such a difficult time.


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