Three arrested on identity theft charges at Portland airport

Recently in Oregon, three people were recently arrested by Portland-area police on a series of felony charges following fraudulent purchases made in the area. The arrests came at Portland International Airport when the three tried to exchange their rented SUV.

According to Portland Police Bureau sources, the two men, aged 35 and 23, and one woman, 28, were taken into custody for allegedly using counterfeit credit cards to purchase merchandise at various stores in the Portland metro area. Officers confiscated a variety of items allegedly used in the trio's local criminal ventures, including more than 200 counterfeit credit cards, gift cards and driver's licenses, an electronic credit card encoder, a card-tipping machine and a credit card embosser.

All three have been charged with identity theft. The woman also faces charges of theft, possession of a forgery device and aggravated identity theft. All three suspects have pleaded not guilty to their charges and are being held in the Washington County Jail. Police say the arrest was made after a local store said a purchase had been made with counterfeit credit cards.

A charge of identity theft or other federal theft charge is serious. In Oregon, a person convicted of identity theft could receive a minimum 13-month prison sentence. The convicted felon would also carry a Class C felony on their criminal record, a black mark that can potentially affect employment and other opportunities.

Nothing less than freedom is at stake when it comes to federal or state crimes such as identity theft. However, defense strategies are available to challenge an identity theft charge. Cases of identity theft often involve complex facts and financial information, and these factors could help the defendants in mounting a strong defense against the charges.


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