Two Oregonians facing federal criminal charges in alleged fraud

White collar crimes, such as identity theft, mail fraud or bank fraud, are classified as felonies. However, white collar crimes may get a person indicted on federal criminal charges, as well.

Regarding federal crimes, many Portland, Oregon, readers may have heard about the recent controversy involving an Oregon couple, who is now facing federal criminal charges in an alleged stolen identification case. Allegedly, the couple stole mail from 400 victims between March and July 2013. The authorities claimed that the couple stole the victims' personal information and used it to open fraudulent bank accounts. Based on the federal indictment, the pair allegedly obtained debit cards with the stolen information and withdrew cash from various ATM machines.

Consequently, the Oregon couple, ages 49 and 44, respectively, is facing charges of bank fraud, aggravated identity theft, and conspiracy. The federal charges against the pair may lead to five to 30 years in prison, in addition to the mandatory minimum sentences for the aggravated identity theft.

If a person wishes to obtain a credit card, apply for a student loan and many other services, his or her personal information is required. That is why there are federal and state laws enforced against criminal activities such as fraud, mail fraud, and identity theft. Federal crimes come with severe penalties, which can be life-altering for the defendant.

However, white collar crimes are often complex, particularly if they are related to the Internet and other technologies.

Oregon residents facing federal fraud charges may wish to consider exercising their rights and contesting the allegations if they feel that they are being falsely accused of the crimes. Although fraud and federal criminal law are highly complex, the vast knowledge of a legal professional regarding white collar crimes may be considered an advantage for the defendant when it comes to obtaining a fair judgment.


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