Oregon pair faces charges in pizza restaurant fire, damage

Maybe they had too much to drink or had one slice too many. Regardless, an Oregon pair is now in hot water after they allegedly broke down the door of a pizza shop and then attempted to set it ablaze.

The staff of the Eugene, Oregon, pie shop said they had been carefully observing a 32-year-old man and his female companion for most of the night. The pair had been in the restaurant for an extended period of time and the man appeared to be inebriated. Nonetheless, the staff stated they still waited on the pair until they left and the restaurant was closed for the night. One staff member recounted that the man shortly reappeared after the door was locked and started banging on the door in a very violent way.

According to reports, the man then took a planter outside the store and threw it through the store's front glass door, sending glass shards flying everywhere and the two staff members running to the basement where they called 911. According to the police, the man had tried to light a bottle of liquor with a wick made out of cloth. Police arrested the couple before the fire could spread through the restaurant. They were charged with arson and burglary.

Oregon laws dictate burglary charges can be made if a suspect enters an area with the intention of committing a felony -- in this case the felony was arson.

Felonies, unlike misdemeanors, carry stiffer penalties and consequences, such as a possible prison sentence. A Portland resident facing felony charges should prepare an aggressive defense or negotiate a plea bargain to help reduce the charges.


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