Will President Trump roll back legal pot usage in Oregon?

Not much is known about how President Trump will approach the issue of marijuana in states like Oregon that have made recreational usage legal. In the months since the election, the only constant about our incoming commander-in-chief has been his inconsistency regarding his potential policies.

Perhaps most worrisome is Trump's choice of the attorney general. He selected avowed anti-marijuana crusader Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama who has been quite vocal about his views on the legalization of pot.

Sessions told the Senate in April during a hearing, "Good people don't smoke marijuana." Such a sweeping denunciation leaves little room to question his views on this issue.

Back in 1990, Trump said in an interview with the Miami Herald he supported the legalization of all drugs, stating that "[w]e're losing badly the war on drugs. You have to legalize drugs to win that war."

But during a campaign rally in 2016 in Nevada, Trump seemed to waffle from such a laissez-faire attitude, saying the matter of recreational pot use should be decided on a "state-by-state" basis.

Then, while stumping for votes, Trump called out Colorado, saying the state had "lot of problems right now" because they legalized recreational pot use.

Advocates for legalization will find no friend in Vice President Pence, another marijuana hardliner. While governor of Indiana, Pence urged that penalties for possessing pot be enhanced.

The Motley Fool predicts that the likeliest scenario is that things will remain the same under the Trump administration regarding those states that have legalized recreational usage. However, taking into consideration President Trump's tendencies to vacillate frequently, this can't be assured.

If changes do come to Oregon's liberal marijuana laws, it's possible that what is legal to possess, cultivate and use now could once again be illegal, just as marijuana is illegal on the federal level.


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