What is a Trojan virus and why are they dangerous?

A Trojan virus is one virus no one wants to see infect their networks. The virus has the potential to delete, modify, block, copy and disrupt data on a computer or computer network, and that means your personal computer or business could be at risk.

Of course, Trojan viruses don't come out of anywhere. Someone, typically a hacker or cyber-hacker, must implement the virus. They do this to gain access to users' systems.

Typically, users are tricked into downloading, loading and executing the virus. Since that's the case, it could be easy for someone to be falsely accused of using a Trojan to break into someone's data. For instance, if you are working on a computer at work and there is a Trojan discovered at the time you were logged in, the company may allege that you were trying to access forbidden documents and got caught.

Since Trojans are a risk to individuals and businesses, it's a good idea to avoid downloading any new program or files until you have an appropriate and active antivirus program. If a Trojan is somehow downloaded and activated, tell your boss, superior or other person in charge of the network as soon as possible, since this can help show that you were not trying to hide the infected programming.

If you are accused of launching a Trojan virus, you need to defend yourself as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you show that you were not responsible for the damage caused by this virus or that you introduced it to the network accidentally.


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