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Domestic violence cases involve violence between family and/or household members. They are not limited to husbands and wives who get into altercations. A conviction for domestic violence is a serious matter. Not only is there the potential for fines and jail time, there are other consequences that, in the long term, will be even more life changing. First, with domestic violence allegations tend to come restraining orders. These orders can take a person out of his or her home and away from his or her children. Second, a domestic violence conviction will impact decisions made by potential employers, meaning that careers could be jeopardized. Even a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction can result in a lifetime ban on your right to possess a gun. If you are facing domestic violence charges, it is important to enlist tough, aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorneys.

In Oregon, police will almost always arrest and take to jail someone accused of domestic violence. In Portland, people charged with domestic violence are often held in custody after their arrest until they go before a judge. If you are charged in a domestic violence case, even if you are released you may be prohibited from returning to your home and/or having any contact with your family until the case is resolved.

Domestic violence cases often arise out of other related issues such as alcohol or substance abuse, interpersonal or relationship difficulties, divorce or custody disputes. Under Oregon law, the testimony of one person, if believed, is sufficient to find a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Also, evidentiary rules commonly relied upon in domestic violence cases make statements made by the alleged victim at the scene admissible even if they are unwilling to come to trial or change their story at a later time. As a result these cases need the intervention of an experienced defense team as soon as possible after the accusations arise.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, call (503) 303-0771 to speak with one of our experienced domestic violence attorneys in Portland.

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